About ICRS

The Radio waves were first generated by Sir J.C. Bose in India more than 100 years ago. In last 100 years there has been phenomenal growth in the Technology, Science and Application of Radio waves all over the world.

Microwaves have been contributing in the field of communication, RADAR and now in remote sensing. It plays a vital role in planetary exploration. Today Microwaves are widely used for Land, Ocean as well as cryospheric applications because of its unique Properties that include day and night capability all weather capability, Soil Moisture determination and penetration through vegetation and Soil. Because of these unique properties Microwave Remote Sensing gives information about targets which otherwise will not be available by optical and infrared remote Sensing.

With the objective of conducting Research, Training and Teaching in Radio Science, Telecommunication, Electronics, Computer and Information Science, International Centre for Radio Science (ICRS) came in existence as a registered society in June 1997 under the chairman ship of Prof. O.P.N. Calla. ICRS is premier NGO and dedicated to R &D activities in the field of microwaves and its application for last fifteen years and in future also it will continue to work on the same to meet the requirement of the "LAST MAN OF SOCIETY".

ICRS has Registered office at Jodhpur and has collaborative programmes with Research Institution as well as Universities. ICRS has worked for projects for various Govt. organizations like Defence Research and Development Organization, PRL etc. So far ICRS has completed 13 projects and Presently 5 projects are running at ICRS. 14 M.E./M.Tech Students have done their Thesis work at ICRS, 167 Undergraduate & 6 MCA Students had been Trained at ICRS, 2 Ph D Students registered for their Ph D thesis work at ICRS.

Total of 218 Research Papers had been published/presented in various International & National Journals/Conferences by ICRS

  • Areas of work
  • Electromagnetic Metrology
  • Field and waves
  • Signals and systems
  • Electronics and Photonics
  • Electromagnetic Noise and Interference
  • Wave propagation and Remote Sensing
  • Ionospheric Radio Wave Propagation
  • Waves in plasma
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Electromagnetic in Biology and Medicine
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Satellite Communications
  • Microwave Remote Sensing
  • Image Processing
Human Resources Development:

ICRS is presently working in the field of Human Resources Development. At present Post Graduate students are doing their thesis work at ICRS. The graduate level students also get trained at ICRS. In future ICRS plans to have Training Division to train scientist in the Microwave Engineering and Applications. At ICRS post Doctoral work is also under taken.

ICRS has been organizing annual conference on the related topics every year. It has already organized seven National conferences and Eleven International conferences. This time 12th International Conference on "Microwaves,Antenna, Propagation & Remote Sensing" (ICMARS-2017) will be held from 15th –17th February,2017 at Jodhpur, India.

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Website: www.radioscience.org
Plot no 1, Rano Ji Ka Bagh, Khokariya Bera, Nayapura, Mandore, Jodhpur – 342304(Raj.)
Phone: 0291-2571030, Fax: 0291-2571390
Email: opnc06@gmail.com, director@radioscience.org


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